5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Lifestyle | | December 15, 2009 at 9:10 am
Photo by Hamed Saber.

Photo by Hamed Saber.

This time of year it seems like there’s a family feast, office party or cocktail party almost every evening. I think it’s nice to take a small gift. Here are my top five choices for personal, eco-friendly gifts that won’t break the bank.

  • Toys Tiny tots will find it hard to resist cute, environment-friendly toy critters. I like the ones from Dandelion, creator of earth-friendly toys. I couldn’t help taking advantage of their Imagine A Better World collection which was based on John Lennon’s old sketches for his son. This year, try out their Believe Plush Collection, which was created to “inspire families to think about their impact on the planet.” Their toys are made with organic terrycloth and stuffed with natural corn fiber.
  • By GiFrancis.
    By GiFrancis.

    Tea lovers gift bag Gather up aromatic, tasty tea leaves and add a personal touch to your gift bag by making inspirational cloth tea bags. They are so easy to make, and your tea drinking friend need not worry about wasting any more filter paper. Check out my article, The Perpetual Tea Bag, to learn how to make this fun, environment-friendly kitchen must-have. Add some inspiration by attaching a little note or quote at the end of the tea string.

  • Green journal Surprise a writer pal with a beautiful, eco-friendly journal made with recycled paper and natural materials. My favorite find is the Blue Batik Writing Journal by the Village Artisan. It is handmade from 100% recycled cotton Its writing papers are inlaid with aster petals.
  • Via Apartment Therapy.
    Via Apartment Therapy.

    Beeswax lined cloth This is a great alternative to wasteful plastic wrap. Abeego came up with a unique line of reusable food wraps and covers made with hemp and infused with a combination of beeswax and plant extracts. It works just as well as regular plastic wrap (maybe even better) and even smells good! Most importantly, it’s reusable and easily hand washable.

  • Used books Books may sound like an overused gift idea, but a lot of book lovers, including myself, love receiving used books more than brand new ones. The mysterious history of the previous owner makes these kinds of books exciting to receive. The best part about buying used books is that you prevent these perfectly good copies from being thrown into the dumpster.

Happy (green) holidays!

KarlaKarla Mercado lives in New Mexico and is the author of Balancing Tenderfoot. She is passionate about human medicine, nutrition, and writing.

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  1. Dr. Orna Izakson says:

    A relative of mine — who wants nothing to do with the internet and so shall not be named — asked me for two books, specifically used, for his 80th birthday. I think in the end he was as blown away about the low cost (oops, he wasn’t supposed to see that) as with the books themselves!