Running Across America on July 17th – Again!

Fitness | | July 18, 2011 at 5:51 pm

We sat down today with Dr. Dennis Godby, founder of The Run and proven fitness champion. Dr. Godby is getting ready to run across America again, this time with his two sons, Isaiah and Jeremiah, and nephew, Jonas Ely. We’ve been admiring his passion, determination and poise as he and his family gets ready to embark on a 13,000 mile (between four runners at 30 miles a day!) run across America from San Francisco to Bridgeport, CT.

Dr. Dennis Godby

WellWire: What was your inspiration for The Run?

Dr. Godby: My inspiration really began back in the 70’s and early 80’s where I was moved by accomplishments of activists like Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, in that one individual can really make a difference in stirring up a movement. Teaching social justice to about 1,000 students in a private school in the 90s, and my patients all deepened and inspired a greater commitment ! For me, it’s important to feel that I’ve contributed to the common good of this nation and planet. I feel this in my mind, in my heart and spirit, and it runs though my blood. I believe we can make a difference. My son, Isaiah had told me that when he was old enough he wanted to run across America and I made a commitment with him to do it, and now my other son Jeremiah has been inspired as has my nephew Jonas! I want to spread the word on natural medicine solutions and fairly simple lifestyle solution. These are drastic times and call for drastic measures, the steadily declining health of the American People is a national emergency.


WellWire: How long did it take you to train for this event? What’s your training schedule?

Dr. Godby: I started training around November of 2009, so about 20 months and I started by simply running one extra mile every single week.  What I discovered a few months ago was a training technique to dramatically reduce post-recovery time (which is especially important for an old guy like me). For every mile and a half I run, I walk for one minute. So in a 20 mile run, I would talk for 9 minutes.  Remember, it’s not about speed or records, it’s about determination and making it through.  I had a couple of setbacks with a hamstring injury which took 4 months to recover from and I wasn’t able to run in the California International Marathon. My younger son actually took my place, and I think that’s what inspired him to join us on The Run.


WellWire: Do you have any training tips for people looking to get in shape?

Dr. Godby: Always remember, not too far, not too fast, not too soon. I see the violation of this principle every day with friends, family and generally anyone who exercises. Realize that in the U.S. we have a ‘hurry up’ mentality and the body doesn’t work like that. Take time to build up and basically use common sense. Drink lots of water! I’ve been adding Ribose, by Researched Nutritionals along with electrolyes to all the water I drink. Remember that it’s more of a joint and ligament limitation as a pose to a cardiovascular limitation at the beginning. Give your body time to adapt, remember the basics. I’ve been taking a multivitamin by Douglas Labs, BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids by Pure Encapsulations), several adrenal products to supplement my training, and Nordic Naturals fish oil.


WellWire: How can people get involved with The Run?

Dr. Godby: We have an itinerary and a list of events you can attend. I’m taking support in the form of donations, a penny a mile. Sign up for a leg and run with me!  This is a movement and we need to get moving! Please go to and learn more about it, tell your friends, patients, through email newsletters, do what you can, where you can to spread the word. If you want a healthier America and more options in health care, we have to work for it.


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  1. BradWestND says:

    Thanks so much for covering this event and GOdSpeed to Dr Godby! Its such a needed and overlooked area of medicine and healthcare. Let there be awareness!