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Beauty | | May 25, 2010 at 6:52 am

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We love interacting with our readers, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, comments or our Ask the Experts column. Part of the effort to interact more closely to you guys is for us to share our own experience. What happens when we take our own advice? I tried it so you can see.

Oatmeal has been mentioned several times on the site as a healthy ingredient and energy booster. Not too long ago, I even recommended a good bowl of oatmeal to help fight PMS. After trying it out myself, I’ve concluded that oatmeal definitely has superpowers.


First, let me tell you about my experience with oatmeal as a great beauty product, especially now that summer is just around the corner. The oatmeal face mask is nothing new; it’s been around for a very long time and used as a staple in almost every spa. Although pretty common commercially, oatmeal face masks are underestimated at home. This is an extremely cheap and natural way to refine your pores and keep your skin fresh and clear.

Oats are abundant in saponins, chemical compounds found in various plant species. These compounds causes soap-like foaming when shaken in liquid, making oatmeal a great natural cleanser. Here is the basic recipe for a homemade oatmeal face mask, with an added special ingredient, Vitamin E jelly. Since oats are a natural oil-free ingredient, and if you’re like me with  skin that’s prone to dryness, pop in this additional ingredient to level the moisture. This is optional, of course.

  1. Grind 1/2 cup oats in a food processor.
  2. Pour the crushed oats into a clean bowl. Little chunks are okay, but make sure it’s powdery enough to spread evenly.
  3. Mix 1/4 cup honey or pure maple syrup into the oats.
  4. Slice a Vitamin E soft gel capsule in half and pour the jelly into the oat mixture. Mix well. If the mixture is too thick, you may add warm water until the desired consistency.
  5. Apply on face, staying away from the eyes.
  6. Lay down and relax, meditate, watch television or read a book for 10 minutes.
  7. Gently wipe off mask with a damp towel. Rinse face clean and tap dry.

Aside from being a great beauty regimen, oatmeal has helped me in various nutritional ways as well.

  • More filling, less calories. I love dessert, and I most especially love baking dessert. Try replacing all-purpose flour with oat flour, which you can find in a regular supermarket. I like homemade oat flour as well, which you can make by simply grinding oats in a food processor. You get twice the fiber, which makes you feel fuller, but more importantly, a huge chunk of your dessert calories will be scratched off. If you look for it, you’ll find gluten-free oatmeal flour too.
  • Let’s get physical! I love including oatmeal as part of my daily exercise regimen. Having a nice bowl of oatmeal at least 2 hours before hitting the treadmill makes me so much more energetic. It improves my endurance for running as well. Oats send a signal to the body to burn fat more efficiently to send fuel to the muscles more quickly.

Do you have other great experiences with oatmeal? Do you have a great oatmeal recipe to share? Shoot us a comment below!

KarlaKarla Mercado lives in New Mexico and is the author of Balancing Tenderfoot. She is passionate about human medicine, nutrition, and writing.

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