3 Ways to Create a Sanctuary for Sleep

Sleep | | May 19, 2010 at 1:02 pm
Photo by MoToMo.

Photo by MoToMo.

Dr. Gibran shared hisĀ top 5 secrets for good sleep and mentioned how important it is to pay attention to the bedroom itself. All I could think was: in order to achieve the greatest, most relaxing sleep you’ve ever had, you have to make sure that your bedroom becomes a real sanctuary. Three words: warm, light, muted. Here are my tips for creating the perfect sleep space:

  • Warm. Incorporate warmth in lighting and bedding. The right light is warm and dimmed, mimicking nighttime. This makes your little nook very relaxing and perfect for intimacy. Choose bed sheets that keep you warm and cozy. Los Angeles interior designer Nadia Geller strongly recommends at least 300-thread-count sets, which are breathable and soft.
  • Light. Go neutral and de-clutter. We all want our bedrooms to reflect our personalities. For instance, I associate myself with hot and loud colors, but I know that these shades will only excite my senses, making it harder for me to relax. Choose wall patterns that are light and pleasing to the eyes; you can always express yourself in other places in your home. Keep your bedroom neat and free of clutter. Clothes and junk only distract you from resting.
  • Muted. Cover and tune out. Think about the huge, thick curtains used in luxury hotel rooms. They are lined curtains that keep the light out. There are many inexpensive lined curtains out there, so don’t let its luxurious quality stop you from scouting for your own. Make your room sound proof by investing on a great rug that mutes creaky floors. Tune out street noises with relaxing music. Stow your laptop and mobile phones deep inside your drawers! Most importantly, leave the television in the family room. Banning the tube from my bedroom is actually the best decision I’ve ever made in my home.

Need another reason to create a sanctuary? Dr. Carrie explained how sleep rejuvenates the body and improving sleeping habits rejuvenates the brain. So, do you have your own sleep sanctuary tips? Tell me more in the comment section!

KarlaKarla Mercado lives in New Mexico and is the author of Balancing Tenderfoot. She is passionate about human medicine, nutrition, and writing.

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