Q: Why Am I Getting Sinus Infections?

Respiratory | | February 25, 2010 at 9:00 am
Photo by Mai Le

Photo by Mai Le.

Q Here in the Pacific Northwest, the damp winter weather seems to affect my sinuses. When the barometric pressure changes, I get an infection. How can I avoid or prevent these infections despite the seasonal weather change? I’m not taking any medication. Carol C Portland, Oregon

A You’ve hit the nail on the head! The key to your question is preventing sinus infections. Sinus infections occur when there is improper drainage of the sinuses. The sinuses contain holes through which the intra-sinus fluid that is produced, drains. If there is inflammation or an immune reaction, the tissue around these drain holes swells. When the fluid cannot properly drain, the fluid accumulates resulting in a closed cavity, (increasing pressure) and a festering infection.

Addressing the cause of chronic swelling of sinus tissue is the best way to prevent chronic sinus infections. The sinus linings are swelling and secreting excessive fluids and mucous for a reason and that needs to be figured out. Talk to your acupuncturist or naturopathic physician about being proactive, instead of reactive, in taking the necessary steps to keep your sinuses functioning well.

GibranDr. Gibran Ramos completed his six year training and internship in Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine at National College of Natural Medicine. Dr. Ramos helps patients transform their lives and optimize their well-being at a private practice in Portland, Oregon.

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