Healthy Hot Dogs for Labor Day!

Nutrition | | August 30, 2009 at 6:29 am

Photo by sarahheiman.

I’m in the US for a few days this week visiting my in-laws and just realized it’s labor day weekend! You know what that means: hot dogs!

The problem is that eating a lot of hot dogs can equal cancer of the colon, pancreas and COPD. It’s not the hot dogs themselves of course, it’s the cancer-causing sodium nitrite, a food preserving chemical that should have been, and almost was, banned in the 1970s by the USDA.

But hey, it’s labor day and I’m definitely going to eat a hot dog or two. Or three. Soon I’ll be back in Thailand and who knows when I’ll see another hot dog? I’ve made a list of alternative healthy dogs and condiments that we’ll have at our table this weekend because they¬†don’t have to be unhealthy:

It’s good to be back in the US this weekend. A happy labor day weekend everyone and let us know what you’re grilling in the comment section!

NishantDr. Nishant Rao is a co-founder of He is a well-traveled naturopathic doctor and new father, practicing an integrative approach to create wellness in and around Los Angeles. Become a patient or discover his practice.

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  1. Stage says:

    Applegate Farms Dog. Thanks for the tip. I’m familiar with the nitrate problem but can not convince others in my family. Lunch meat has it and everyone is eating the turkey for weight maintenance.