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Nutrition | | August 31, 2009 at 7:26 pm

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The following six simple rules apply to heart burn and can help with other digestive complaints too:

  • Rule #1:  Don’t rush your meals! Take the time to prepare your food and don’t eat while driving or walking. Your digestion is a complicated process and involves more that just stuffing your face. Digestion starts with the actual aromas of food. Taking the time to cook your own meals allows for this phase of digestion called the gastrocephalic (literally digestive-head) phase. You have probably experienced this when you notice yourself salivating when you smell something delicious. If you make your own food this automatically happens. Physiologically your stomach starts secreting acid and digestive enzymes as does your saliva. When giving in to fast food, you are skipping this vital part of digestion.
  • Rule #2: Take 10 slow breaths before eating, 3 seconds in, 6 seconds out. Many people don’t come down from their stressful lives when they eat. This also stunts your digestion and places you in a sympathetic dominant nervous tone. This is the part of your nervous system which deals with stress, bring your body back to the relaxed parasympathetic phase by doing this breathing exercise.
  • Rule #3:  Take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water 20 minutes before meals. This will help jump start your digestion and improve the overall assimilation of nutrients.
  • Rule #4:  Manage your stress
  • Rule #5:  Enjoy your food!
  • Rule #6: Eat the Rainbow eating a variety of foods helps reduce the likelihood of food sensitivities.

NishantDr. Nishant Rao is a co-founder of He is a well-traveled naturopathic doctor and new father, practicing an integrative approach to create wellness in and around Los Angeles. Become a patient or discover his practice.

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  1. marvin rojas says:

    Dr. Rao,
    I have been suffering from acid reflux for a bout 5 years due to h-pilory infection which no doctor can explain why my acid reflux is connected to it. I am only 24 and it has taken alot of my life to were im am really considering surery. I have been able to keep it somewhat undercontrol until the past 5 months when now i have had an endoscopy no strictures,no ulcers, only a little irritation/esophagitis and a very small hiatal hernia. My GI specialist says you might not have gerd but of course i know my body and i know what i feel, i recently had a test to check my esophagus and the test showed that my les valve has half the strenght of a normal person. my question to you is, is there anyway to naturally heal the valve without the surgery? or do you suggest the surgery? thanks for your feedback