8 Ways to Maximize Your Immunity to the Flu

Cold & Flu | | August 16, 2009 at 9:10 pm

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I’m not being dramatic: we are on the verge of what could be a terrible flu season, fighting a strain of flu virus that has the potential to be very infectious and strong. So don’t wait for that first sniffle! Flu vaccine aside, here are eight ways you can buff up your immunity:

  1. Manage your stress. When under long-term stress, our bodies adapt by moving energy from the defensive mechanisms of the immune system  to dealing with the perceived stressor. Our bodies can’t differentiate between being chased by a tiger and our deadline at work, it’s up to you to help your body cope.
  2. Get some good sleep. At night our bodies repair and rejuvenate and the immune system can focus on its job. This is a very important time for various cells of the immune system to sweep through our body, spot and destroy potential invaders.
  3. Balance your energy.  Chinese medicine can help you to balance your energetic defenses so that your body can recognize an invader when it sees it. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs (like ginger) can help with this immune process along with the ancient exercises like Qi gong and Tai chi.
  4. Get your sunshine. The vitamin D produced by your  skin and the sun shining on it actually increases your immunity. This vitamin has also prevents certain types of cancer.
  5. Eat the rainbow. The pigments in fruits and vegetables are super antioxidants and have an anti-viral activity.
  6. Bounce and move! Bouncing is a specific type of movement exercise that circulates the lymph system. The lymph is where most of your immune cells are located. Bouncing increases the likelihood of these cells to come in contact with a virus or bacteria that has made its way deep into our body.
  7. Inoculate yourself with bacteria–the beneficial type. These bacteria are called  probiotics. There is a delicate balance between the beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi in your body. The probiotic bacteria establish their place in your body out-competing other bacteria, viruses and fungi. This keeps you healthy.
  8. Laugh it off.  Laughing activates the immune system through the psychoneuroimmunological connection. This is just a big name for a simple concept, your emotions affect your health and well-being. Laugh more!

GibranDr. Gibran Ramos completed his six year training and internship in Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine at National College of Natural Medicine. Dr. Ramos helps patients transform their lives and optimize their well-being at a private practice in Portland, Oregon.

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