Dr. Carrie Jones

PhotoDr. Carrie Jones always knew she wanted to be a doctor and focus on women’s health. She lived in eight states before heading out to Oregon on a whim where she was able to fuse her passion for science and holistic medicine while attending the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM). After a two-year residency focusing on women, gynecology, hormones, and primary care, Dr. Jones began a small practice in a suburb of Portland that has now grown into two locations.

She is an avid writer and speaker on the subject of women’s health and remains an Adjunct Faculty member for NCNM teaching two or three courses every quarter.

Dr. Jones helps all aspect of women’s health from hormone balance to thyroid problems, menopause to fertility. Additionally, she works on all aspects of gastrointestinal health, food intolerances, adrenal support, and heart disease. She also sees male patients, since many of her female patients bring in their husbands, brothers, fathers, and sons for support.

When not practicing, Dr. Jones enjoys spending time in her newly renovated 100-year old house with her handy husband as well as traveling, reading, and exploring Oregon. For information on her practices, Essential Wellness Center and Sherwood Family Medicine, visit www.naturalwomenshealthcare.com.