This is a continuation of a conversation I recently had with pet food expert, Chip Sammons. He is owner of Holistic Pet Center in Clackamas, Oregon. In this part of the interview, what to do to keep your pet optimally healthy from the raw food diet and dental care, to fleas and free-feeding. Read the first part of the interview here. What do you think is optimal nutrition for a pet? Optimal nutrition is based upon the pet’s ancestral diet. Dogs and cats have very short digestive tracts and have...
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    When you indulge in a wonderful cheese or splendid wine, think about what’s making it taste so good: it’s rotting. Of course, in the case of the cheese or wine, the rot has taken place in a specific manner, allowing...
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  • How to Decipher Pet Food Labels
    Chip Sammons and Allie, his 11 year old rescue. The rain is coming down hard as I drive up to the humble storefront of Holistic Pet Center in Oregon City. Chip Sammons greets me and takes me to his office. His desk is wedged...
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    Q Here in the Pacific Northwest, the damp winter weather seems to affect my sinuses. When the barometric pressure changes, I get an infection. How can I avoid or prevent these infections despite the seasonal weather change?...
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    Dr. Gibran Ramos: We’ve been using water therapeutically for centuries. In Germany and France, there are towns that derive their names from their healing waters. The Norwegians and Swedes are famous for their saunas...
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